Tailwind Aviation – Consultants for Airlines and Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA)

Tailwind Aviation SMC-PVT LTD., provides aviation consultancy services to businesses and private investors located in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and other cities of Pakistan. We can also provide these services to private individuals and businesses based outside the country.

Tailwind Aviation SMC-PVT LTD., is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan as a certified commercial entity involved in the business of Airlines Consultancy Services.

  • Airline – Apply for an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) through Tailwind Aviation
  • Consultancy regarding problems with a pending or current Airlines license with CAA Pakistan
  • Commercial Passenger and Cargo Aircraft Lease and Purchase
  • Private and Business Jet Sales (New and Used)
  • Safety Management System Protocol for Military and Commercial Aircraft
  • Airline Business (Regular Public Transport)
  • Charter Operations (Passengers/Cargo)
  • Commuter Operations
  • Air Taxi Service
  • Flying Schools
  • Commercial Airports
  • Private Airports
  • Application of National Aviation Policy (Govt. of Pakistan)
  • Regulatory requirements for Commercial Air Transport License
  • Air Transport Regulations (Relevant CA Rules 1994 and ANOs)
  • Application of Public/Private Air Law
  • Air Passenger Rights Consultancy in Pakistan
  • Complete assistance for the revival of dormant/stagnant Aviation Companies

Tailwind Aviation SMC-PVT LTD., specializes in Airlines Licensing Services (Air Operator Certificate- AOC) through Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority. This includes solving any pending regulatory compliance problems with CAA Pakistan.

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